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What We Do

We match our best tech specialists with your toughest technology problems to produce elegant and efficient solutions working alongside you as your long-term partners

We build enduring partnerships designed to cut through organizational and technology complexity and deliver real business value to our partners

We lead enterprises to solve their most complex and pressing problems by utilizing superior technology strategy and knowhow.

As technologists, we always look ahead and we are inspired by the endless possibilities that the digital revolution can bring upon us.

Our Services include: Digital Strategy, End-to-end Development, UI and UX Design and Research, Cloud and Devops, and Data Security.

Two core QCerris values are: being client-centered and team-oriented!

Our Services

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Digital Strategy

IT is no longer a support function

Our digital strategy is designed to refine real world applications for the technologies with potential to help your business. We don’t stop at identifying the solution, we get hands on involved in software development and integration, working closely with our clients. We offer long term support and maintenance services for your new products.

Our industry experts have been the driving force of technology based transformation in our focus verticals: financial technology, health and pharma, logistics, IoT and blockchain.

We grew and evolved together with our partners and we are committed to remain your trusted guide on this exciting path of transformation.

End to end development

We are an end-to-end full service software design and development shop

We make your vision become a reality! We will develop an innovative product based on your needs. Together, we will evaluate what is the best option for our cooperation: team size, project management methodology, programming languages, initial features, etc.

Firstly, we will get to know our client, benefiting from an initial meeting to gather information about the product vision. Our experts would then research to dig deep into the product requirements, and market analysis. Then, we will discuss our development plan with our client, and if both parties agree, we can start the development phase.

When the high-fidelity Minimum Viable Product is done, we will go to our client and discuss any potential changes that should be addressed. Furthermore, we will conduct user acceptance testing, and after that process, the product is ready for its release.

UI and UX design and research

Beautiful and useful interfaces. Reliable, responsive, and secure back end.

Those are the traits of the software we are delivering to our customers.

Through our UI & UX design and research, we nurture a holistic approach to enhancing the user's experience based on business objectives, users’ perspectives, qualitative and quantitative data, and the UX consultant’s domain expertise.

As we are a data-driven company, we use an array of research methods, such as usability testing, user interviews, surveys, card sorting, tree testing, field studies, and more considering the results, we will start the design process. Our design team can take care of your website, mobile app, and Human-machine interfaces.

Cloud and DevOps

DevOps and Cloud are our second nature

We can have your applications up and running in a variety of environments, from on-prem to full public cloud

QCerris has participated closely in the early days of virtualization of the data center and has grown along with the cloud paradigm, all the way to today’s multi-cloud environments. We are utilizing the best of the public and private clouds as we carefully weigh the costs and advantages of each approach.

Data is the lifeblood of every modern enterprise and how you collect, store, prepare and analyze and use data matters immensely for future success. We are working with leading cloud service providers and software vendors to be able to provide you with the optimal solution for your specific needs.

We promise to shorten the systems development life cycle, and provide continuous delivery with high software quality!

Data Security

We have your back!

You can be sure that our Data Privacy, Data Protection, and Cybersecurity solutions will keep your precious business data intact and safe from an increasing number of cyber threats.

QCerris can perform a data security architecture review, and make a custom fit. In the era of data privacy ad security awareness, where customers care about how and when are their information being processed,  unnecessary risks to your IT infrastructure and cause sensitive data exposure is simply not an option.

Our data security experts will evaluate your current business operations, technical requirements, and regulatory mandates to form a base for your information security environment. We will work with you to create, and continually update an over-arching enterprise security architecture.

Technical innovation and data security should stand side by side at the base of any successful IT business. QCerris will help you to create a more secure and efficient information technology environment.

What Sets Us Apart?

This is how we work!

Long-term Cooperation with
Our Clients

At QCerris, we pride ourselves on achieving fruitful long-term relationships with our clients. Our main goal is to build a true partnership that will deliver outstanding results to our clients. We are active listeners, passionate to understand and serve our partners to answer their needs, but also providing them with valuable knowledge and resources to find the optimal solution. We are a uniquely dedicated client-centric company, and we will prove to our clients that we earned and deserved the trust!

We are set on recruiting the most motivated, talented, and reliable future members for the QCerris team. In our selection process, we take a rigorous, yet holistic approach, to carefully evaluate numerous applicants to find the best match. We strive to stay on the bleeding edge of technology, making sure our consultants constantly sharpen their skills. . Our team members are QCerris ambassadors of love for technology, innovation, and digital transformation.

Top (5% of) IT Talent

Experienced Teams

QCerris team members thrive on challenges, and their sets of skills, experience, and knowledge are what prepare them to overcome all obstacles. We are fully devoted to the client's vision and we believe that our ambition and professionalism make our team a reliable partner. We value our employees and invest in their professional development, learning, as well as hobbies and we can proudly say that we have a high employee retention rate that truly shows employee loyalty. Apart from the technical expertise in a variety of technologies, all our team members are fluent in English and have no problem adjusting to different business environments and cultures.

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