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QCerris supported conference in Montenegro

As a software development company, nurturing the growth of our employees is a top priority. It's crucial to invest in the development of their skills and capabilities providing them with a supportive, yet challenging environment, where they can thrive.

The QCerris career trajectory is progressive on an individual level: we work closely with our team members to assist them in their career development, following up on their work, and giving them constructive feedback.

Professional development

Learning and improving skills, and acquiring knowledge never ends at QCerris. We combine multiple approaches to cater to the different learning styles of our employees. You are a reader, who enjoys learning about the newest concepts flipping through pages, be it electronic or old school, we got you covered! We are growing our internal library filled with the professional literature, as well as relevant scientific publications. 

We also organize numerous workshops tailored to increase skills in the most relevant and exciting technology trends. Are you interested in generative AI? We got you covered.

Participating in industry events is something that we fully encourage! QCerris sponsors many tech conferences, supporting knowledge transfer and networking opportunities worldwide. We are delighted to support student conferences, and often this is where we meet the most talented and ambitious students!

QCerris sponsored Hackathon in Serbia

Your support system

Our HR team is everything but a typical one. We leave the administration behind and focus on building long-term professional relationships with each employee. Every employee has a dedicated coach, to help with any career development questions, a tech expert, to give the best advice in terms of technical questions, and a buddy, a person that helps you start out at QCerris. We are here for you!

Team building activity at the QCerris rooftop

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