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QCerris has been a trusted partner in the fintech industry, guiding banks and insurance companies to embrace digital innovation. Our developers will be ready to integrate into your fintech team and develop top-notch products that will be internationally recognized, and user-centric.

We provide an exceptional opportunity for fintech companies to shine and deliver maximal results while taking advantage of the post-covid climate, where cash is optional, but online payment is a must. 

Fintech companies flourish with the help of mobile, cloud, and big data analytics, as well as Artificial Intelligence and blockchain. With the advances in Artificial Intelligence and the new sources of data opening, we believe that the time is right for the technology to open new avenues for your exponential growth.

From start-ups to already established companies, all businesses are seeking to implement digital transformation in their financial sectors and reap the rewards of it. Not only do these changes facilitate the financial activities of the company, but they also bring new possibilities, and they increase the process efficiency.

Regulatory compliance masters, user-centric design experts

We know that regulatory compliance has long been a major obstacle to developing innovative fintech products. We can still help you make your AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) processes more efficient while working with you on tapping into exciting opportunities to evolve your products.

Our proprietary regulatory software framework enables agile integration of the leading edge AI, analytics, and security building blocks into solutions specifically tailored according to our customer's needs. Customers and clients are always in search of easy-to-use interfaces, and they have a high set of expectations concerning the functionality and the design of fintech digital products.

QCerris deeply cares about the user experience and aims to deliver optimal results to ensure customer satisfaction. Our tech experts will develop a UX strategy with you, and work side by side as a part of your team to successfully answer all user-centered demands. We will agree upon a tailor-made plan that focuses on your company’s priorities.

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