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Empowering Clients for Greatness

Technology excellence in accelerating businesses

We are hard-core technologists who dedicated our careers to the digital transformation of traditional industries. In some cases, we’ve done the disruption bit, but our main goal is to be the trusted adviser and technology partner on our customers’ long-haul journeys

Our Story

Nurturing Our Company Culture

QCerris was founded based on two main values: client-centric approach and teamwork. Since the very first day, we strive to be an active ambassador of these values in our company, but also in our community. Established in Chicago in 2017. by tech-veterans ready to disrupt the software development industry, QCerris continues to grow around the world. We are proud to say that we have offices in the United States, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Malaysia. As an international company that knows no borders to innovation, problem-solving and can-do attitude, we excel in collaboration with international partners

Our expertise is best proven in financial services, logistics, and healthcare and pharma industries, where we can stand behind numerous successful collaborations. Furthermore, we are focused on blockchain and the internet of things, as these technologies are irreplaceable for creating cutting-edge software solutions

It is often the most traditional and highly regulated industries that offer the best potential for improvements by properly utilizing advanced technology. Most executives understand relatively simple ways to improve efficiency and save money in IT departments. However, we offer more, we are the cure, not a band-aid, and we make sure to holistically approach every client and fully understand their problems, needs, and vision

Our mission and values

Planting Ideas, Growing Solutions

Our mission is to enable and inspire visionary leaders to harness leading-edge technology to better serve their customers and grow their businesses

Our clients are privileged as our top priority, and we are on a mission to be recognized as the most reliable IT partners for long-term business collaboration. Our clients are never just a number for us, they are the reason we thrive and push ourselves to evolve in an ever-changing world of modern technologies

Integrity and teamwork are our most important values that we nurture at QCerris.

Integrity:  We stand behind our expertise and we deliver what we promise

Teamwork: Inside and outside the office, team spirit is what we nurture and why we select people who understand our company’s culture

Honesty: Our approach to communication is to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Time is our most important asset, and we want to preserve it by cutting to the chase and diving in all important discussion with an open mind and heart

Our Locations

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Bulevara Despota Stefana 15


Republic of Srpska, BiH

Kralja Petra I Oslobodioca 55



Paštrovska 8





Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara 47810 Petaling Jaya

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