Digital Transformation Strategy

Today Digital Transformation is the business transformation. IT is no longer a support function. In many cases IT is the business. Let QCerris be your trusted adviser on your digital transformation journey.

Software Design

Beautiful and useful interfaces. Reliable, responsive and secure back end. Those are the traits of the software we are delivering to our customers.

Financial Services

We’ve been helping banks and insurance companies embrace mobile, cloud, big data analytics and more recently Artificial Intelligence. Let us be your trusted advisor with these and new technologies such as Blockchain.

Healthcare and Pharma

QCerris team helped major hospital systems comply with regulation, optimize their supplier relation software and update their record keeping systems. We know the challenges faced every day by the healthcare professionals and we take a great pride in being part of the solution.


Transportation sector is now a whirlwind of disruption. It is the area where QCerris has major experience. We’ve helped carriers, 3PLs, warehouse operators as well as logistics departments of major enterprises make sense of advanced technologies such as IoT. Let us be your partner in these exciting times.

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