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QCerris offers exceptional IoT software engineering solutions, combining the performance with the best data security features. We don’t accept compromises when it comes to data privacy and general security, as we understand that those are the biggest challenges that the IoT companies are facing. Our team will cooperate with you to find the best development route to fulfill all your technical requests, and we promise to exceed your expectations!

IoT technology consists of web-connected smart devices that obtain, analyze, and process the data collected from their surroundings using embedded systems including sensors, processors, and communication hardware. According to IoT Analytics, overall enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) spending grew 22.4% in 2021 to $158 billion. Companies across industries are increasingly shifting to IoT technology to enhance organizational performance and decision-making, to better understand consumers, and to boost the value of their businesses.

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Smart cities, smart homes and smart devices require intelligent solutions and flexibility of thought, all of which QCerris team poses. We invest in our employees professional development and education, and as IoT is one of the most important fields of development within the IT industry, rest assured that our team is fully equipped with the knowledge and know-how to help you fulfill your vision. Our approach is unique, as we are true partners, ready to work together, offer industry guidance, and contribute to the growing pool of leading-edge IoT technologies.

The first step is to choose the right programming language for your product, and we can discuss different options and find the best fit. Then, having a basic sensor and actuator architecture, we transform the raw, analog  data into useful information. Data acquisition systems connected to sensor networks perform the analog-to-digital conversion. The significant results of the processed data pass to the cloud. Cloud data management is another area of our expertise, and we could argue that this area is crucial.

QCerris knows that the best software development occurs when a company has a trusted long-term partner that is working side by side with them.

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Our Work in This Industry

IoT: Making Smart Energy Saving Systems

IoT: Making Smart Energy Saving Systems

QCerris offers exceptional IoT software engineering solutions, combining the best performance with optimal data security features. We managed to develop a smart lighting app efficiently, following agile methodology, as well as using clean code so no additional resources in the future are being wasted. The app contributes to reducing personal electricity use and making our planet, just a little bit greener

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