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The rise of e-commerce and the rapid growth of the online ordering space catalyzed logistics as one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. As companies around the world continue to wrestle with supply chain disruptions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of intelligent transport technology is crucial to keep up with growing market demands. QCerris can help you use your data in an optimal way and develop an innovative software solution, providing an unparalleled technological and efficiency advancement in your business. 

QCerris acquired valuable experiences in the sector, demonstrating the team’s knowledge and competency to reduce the companies’ costs and speed up the logistics processes. We’ve helped carriers, 3PLs, warehouse operators as well as logistics departments of major enterprises make sense of advanced technologies such as IoT. 

New Ideas and Innovative Approaches

With the Internet of Things, logistics can finally become a fully controlled domain, where all the factors that could negatively impact the delivery process can be either neutralized or avoided. We used the IoT technology to develop inventory tracking systems, predictive analytics systems, and location management tools. QCerris is proud to keep up with the latest trends in the industry so your company can be the forerunner in the market competition.

QCerris takes advantage of the blockchain technology and its distributed security and openness to optimize the supply chain in unimaginable ways. We have a proprietary blockchain software platform designed to enable agile solution development in the logistics space. We have been on the forefront of early enterprise blockchain developments, such as tracking origin of goods and smart contract based trade finance solutions.

Furthermore, data processing is valuable in this industry, not only to better predict the warehouse facilities availability and to facilitate the transportation process, but also to study consumer behavior and to use it to upgrade its future services. Because of this, problems with delivery or dispatching can be caught at the root and service can be made more efficient. Customers will not only be content with the on-time delivery, but they will also be in charge of tracking their orders, knowing exactly what can influence their shipment.

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