Our Farewell to 2022. Onward and Upward to 2023 and Beyond

Our Farewell to 2022. Onward and Upward to 2023 and Beyond

“KPI at QCerris stands for Keep People Impactful, Interested and Inspired”
                                                                                         QCerris CEO, Dan Kusalovich

Our farewell to 2022. Onward and upward to 2023 and beyond

In 2022 we have grown tremendously. However, QCerris is far away and will never come close to being a typical corporation, no matter how much we grow, and how many markets, projects, and technologies we continue to conquer. Not our style.

QCerris is a place of organizational agnosticism, where we try to take the best practices across industries and organizations, and implement them to suit the people and not the other way around.

We continue to nurture the charm of a small company, where you know most of your colleagues, where it feels employee-centric and flexible, and where we learn alongside you in the tough times, rewarding your work and effort, valuing your progress individually, and celebrating when we are on a winning strike!

A Part of the QCerris team at the team-building

QCerris culture: A nurturing environment geared toward constant progress for all team members

What makes it so unique? We are maintaining a finely balanced minimum level of procedures and structures. A complete lack of processes in the start-up community, that heavily relies on the chaotic productive energy, can sometimes lead to confusion and to a constant loop of ambiguity. On the other hand, creating unnecessary administration and processes can leave the employees feeling they work at a depersonalized and highly bureaucratic company.  

This is why we keep the procedures simple, and effective, and we use them when necessary. Since the beginning, our employees know exactly what to expect, and transparency makes it a blessing. For example, we fully support and encourage the flexible working mode. 

You can work remotely, or at the office at your convenience, as long as you communicate it with your team. We even have employees sometimes working from abroad, so they can fulfill their travel wishlists while working the job they love. The key is open communication with your teammates. Everything is possible if you are open about your needs, and if you communicate it clearly, we will find a way to make it work.

QCerris made it to distant African Island of Zanzibar!

Before employee branding was a cool buzzword, QCerris knew the secret ingredient to maintain the perfect organizational balance, and that is being simultaneously client-oriented and team-oriented.

Each and every one of our employees is a QCerris ambassador. We take pride in their professionalism and business etiquette in communicating with clients and understanding their needs and requirements. From project managers to engineers, we approach the client as we would our closest friend: with empathy, a desire to help, and the determination to make their vision come to a reality. 

The teamwork is at the front and center at QCerris. After we give the applicants a job offer or an internship, we carefully consider which team they will be joining. They will contribute there, learn, and share ups and downs, so it has to be the best possible environment for their growth, as well as their area of expertise. 

Our organizational structure is simple and agile. We are working hard to maintain the vigor and vibrancy of our scrappy, bootstrapped early years while empowering our coaches/managers to provide career guidance and development paths to their team members. Similarly, our technology practice leaders drive development of tools for technology skill improvements within carefully selected technology practices such as Devops, MLOps and Data Engineering. You can count on QCerris to be at the forefront of software development technology and innovation.

As the golden sponsors of the AIBG Hackathon competition, we had an opportunity to help young IT Talents get their foot into the industry

QCerris Team outside the Office


2022. will be remembered as the year of the best get-togethers, parties, games, and fun activities! Let’s not forget the spectacular team building at Fruška Gora, where everyone had a shot to try competitive outdoor games. From climbing the adventurous park to soft air competition, the activities blasted the adrenaline-infused, competitive spirit! Finishing the day off with the domestic barbecue, and dessert, we will always remember this day, as the day nobody got hurt!

Our basketball team deserves a special place in our hearts, as they made us laugh, yell, and even cry a little bit during their games, but all for good reason: they won 6 out of 6 games at the national IT League! We could not be more proud of the team that vigorously trained after office hours, and displayed team spirit and dedication. We also must give credit to QCerris basketball fans who were the loudest, and the most passionate, and who supported the team wholeheartedly, jumping from their seats every time somebody misses a shot.

QCerris basketball team

Finally, the company’s New Year celebration, made a strong impact, as one of the best team activities. Everybody hit the dancefloor and enjoyed the domestic cuisine, mixed up with a glass of fine wine. The party was so good, that we don’t have a lot of pictures to prove it… As it is the case with any other great party…


Winners of the party photo contest

People Make QCerris Special

We mentioned our unique organizational culture, our transparent communication, and our versatile team activities, but are those elements really what makes QCerris such a unique environment?

The answer is not clear, however, the most credit goes to a fantastic group of people who work at QCerris, and who each contribute immensely to this company through their skills, knowledge, great personality, and willingness always to learn more. 

We are continuously trying to make the best possible environment, where every potential, talent, and work ethic can be nurtured and recognized.

Happy New Year, and Stay Rooted in Excellence!


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